Citizen Testimonials

We have received hundreds of unsolicited testimonials from New Yorkers, Times Square employees and Times Square visitors regarding the aggressive and predatory behavior of hawkers and hustlers in the area. We hear from teenagers who took a photo with Iron Man and found themselves surrounded by 5 characters insisting on $5 each, to New York women who work in Times Square regularly receiving unwanted hugs from costumed characters. We saw a 16-year-old girl who was groped by Cookie Monster go to the police to identify him, only to find that they were unable to prosecute because of the anonymity of the perpetrator. We see groups of tourists being intimidated out of $50 by CD sellers, and we hear inappropriate comments made daily by ticket sellers working on the plazas. We have hundreds of hundreds of stories, and we witness these occurrences every single day. 

Read a selection of the testimonials we’ve received below.