Draft Vision for Times Square

The discussion of what problems we do not want to see in Times Square must be accompanied by a discussion of what we do want to see. Having the City and the community define the vision for what Times Square can be is essential to shaping and creating the tools that must be in place to achieve that vision.

In discussions over the last year with its board, stakeholders and civic groups, the Alliance has come up with the following draft principles and admonitions for Times Square:

BE CURRENT & CHANGING & RELEVANT but don’t lose what connects us to our past
BE COMMERCIAL but not if it overwhelms civic activity
CREATE SPACE FOR RELAXING but don’t make it sterile, banal or ordinary
CREATE & CURATE ORIGINAL PROGRAMMING but allow for the random, unexpected & organic
BE FREE, TRANSPARENT AND DEMOCRATIC but don’t let it become a free for all
WELCOME THE VISITOR but make sure New Yorkers feel it’s theirs

In addition, the Alliance has drafted the following vision statement for the future of Times Square:

A thriving town square,
innovatively designed and beautifully maintained,
that celebrates its commerce and culture,
its past and its future,
and reflects the best of New York City, America and the world.

Times Square is for everyone. It can and should be a place where public art is on display, where magical events are held, and where people congregate. Times Square is for New Yorkers of all backgrounds who want to come to and spend time, to celebrate, protest, debate, or just gaze up in wonder on their way to a Broadway show. It should captivate and inspire and be a place where the very best of New York City is on display.