Plaza Rules

Mayor de Blasio and the New York City Council recently passed legislation granting the Department of Transportation (DOT) the authority to establish rules to regulate activity within pedestrian plazas throughout the five boroughs. These rules include general regulations for plazas citywide, as well as specific rules for the Times Square pedestrian plazas, stretching from 41st Street to 53rd Street along Broadway. 

Click here to read the full text of the rules.

In Times Square specifically, the rules establish Designated Activity Zones, which are specific areas for anyone engaged in commercial activity, entertainment or performance; or anyone posing for photographs or videos where compensation, a donation, or a tip is requested or accepted. No such activity may take place outside of these zones within the plaza area or adjacent sidewalks. The rules also create Pedestrian Flow Zones, where any obstruction of pedestrian flow is prohibited. 

After the rules are formally implemented, City officials and local stakeholders will work together to ensure that the rules are effective. DOT, in conjunction with local businesses and stakeholders, will collect feedback on the rules and the regulation of the zones in Times Square. As a result, zone placement, timing, and other implementation details may change—so constituent participation and communication throughout this process is vital. 

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